QGEP adopts corporate governance best practices with the goal of protecting share- and stakeholders' interests, reducing conflicts of interest, maximizing the company’s value and contributing to its perpetuity. The company aims to combine promptness, efficiency, and quality in key processes in order to reach business management excellence. The company's decisions and actions are guided by the following fundamental corporte governance principles.

  • Transparency 
  • Equity
  • Accountability and
  • Corporate responsibility

To ensure these principles are practiced policies, structures and practices are put in place and the company has listed its shares under BM&FBovespa's special listing segment, Novo Mercado, which has the highest level of corporate governance best practices requirements. The voluntary listing commitiment is formalized in contracts signed by its administration with the BM&FBovespa whereby the company agrees to comply with all practices set forth in its regulations. As a result QGEP will:

  • only issue common stock;
  • grant 100% tag along rights to all shareholders if there is a change of control;
  • have at least 25% of free float;
  • adopt public offering procedures that favor ownership dispersion;
  • have a Board of Directors comprised of at least five members, 20% of whom will be independent, with a 2-year maximum term of office;
  • submit any shareholders' agreement and stock option plans for existing shares to BM&FBovespa;
  • provide shareholders with a annaul calendar of corporate events.

Additionally, since its creation, the Company has promoted its activities with transparency and equality through annual sustainability reports.

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