Share Buyback

Since 2012, QGEP has implemented four share repurchase programs for Company-issued shares. Repurchased shares are held in treasury for future cancellation or sale, with a goal of aiding the implementation of the Stock Option Plan.

Currently, the Company has a total of 7.9 Million shares in treasury, at the limit of 10% of the shares in circulation, established by the CVM.

The table below summarizes the primary characteristics of each one of QGEP’s Share Repurchase Programs: 

Repurchase Program Release Date  Duration  Total of Authorized Shares  Total of Acquired Shares  % Program Concluded 
First Share Repurchase Program  04/24/2012 04/24/2012 to 04/24/2013  1,097,439 1,097,439 100.0%
Second Share Repurchase Program  07/09/2012

07/09/2012 to 07/09/2013 

2,699,826 2,491,517 92.3%
Third Share Repurchase Program  05/06/2013 05/06/2013 to 05/06/2014  2,307,096 2,120,319 91.9%
Fourth Share Repurchase Program  02/24/2014 02/24/2014 to 02/24/2015  2,245,357 2,245,357 100.0%
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