In order to meet the demands of Law 9.478 of August 6th, 1997, QGEP participates in the Research and Development of a pioneering environmental project in the Southern region of Bahia. The partnership established with Coppe/UFRJ Foundation includes the study and monitoring of ecosystems in the coastal area of Una, Canavieiras, and Belmonte (Bahia, Brazil). This is a precursory process in the region, which includes the analysis of the impact of climate change, based on potential scenarios predicted by the Brazilian Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The data was collected with the active participation of local communities and the results include important information for the development of local projects.

JAPI Project, started in 2011, brings important results for environmental management of all institutions that work or will work in the region. In addition to also be a productive cooperation model, which brings together the private, public and communities for the future scientific and technological research. Click here to learn more about the project. 

QGEP also took part in the coastal protection and cleanup joint project fostered within the scope of the technical cooperation agreement between IBP and IBAMA. This cooperation aims to create a georeferenced database of the entire Brazilian coast, covering information such as physical and socio-environmental characteristics, and accessibility. The data will be the foundation for the planning and management of the specific plans for coastal protection and cleanup in case of accidents involving oil spills in the Ocean. In addition, they can be used as a tool for the Brazilian National Contingency Plan (PNC). QGEP also participated in the following phases of the project, which resulted in the mapping of coastal islands and the identification of vulnerable species to be protected primarily in oil spill situations. Click here and learn more about project.


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