Social Projects

Portinari Project

The Company believes in education and by supporting the Portinari Project, has the objective of valuing culture thus bringing information to all, including those communities further removed from the larger urban centers.

Since 2010, this has been an ongoing partnership with the support of the War and Peace Project and the aim to make the painter’s work available to all with the development of the Portinari Portal – an extensive website which makes the Portinari Project collection available, free of charge, to the general public.

In 2011, the tour of the “Art and Environment” exhibition was started within the scope of the Portinari Project for All – with 22 reproductions of Portinari’s works and the empowerment of public school teachers in partnership with the Bureaus of Culture of the municipalities being served. Debuting in the South of Bahia, through the cities of Ilhéus, Canavieiras, Una, and Belmonte, it received 6,045 visitors and empowered 164 teachers of 72 participating schools.

In 2012, the exhibition was taken to Rio+20 – remaining in Rio de Janeiro until December – and to the city of Resende, serving, 10,177 visitors, 151 schools, and 89 teachers in those 2 cities. In 2013, the municipalities of Duque de Caxias, Bom Jesus de Itabapoana, Maricá, São Francisco de Itabapoana, Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio, Recife, and Rio de Janeiro were visited by a total of 65 thousand visitors, 139 participating schools, and 234 empowered teachers. In 2014, the project continued to São Paulo stopping by the cities of Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, São Sebastião, and Ilhabela with a total of 7,622 visitors, 519 schools, and 179 empowered teachers.


VivaVôlei Project

Focusing on contributing to the development of communities in areas surrounding its operations, QGEP maintains projects linked to sports, with a belief in interaction and teamwork for the development of a group or community. Therefore, for 6 years (2010-2016), it has been supporting the “VivaVôlei” Project, aligning sports, citizenship, and social inclusion.

Located in the communities of Campinhos and Canavieiras, in South Bahia, the project is carried out in partnership with the VivaVôlei Institute and the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV).

In these 6 years, the VivaVôlei / QGEP hubs have been established as one of the most successful social and sports programs in the region, benefiting school-age children and their families with educational psychology support.

QGEP believes that the development of a more just society can be achieved through education, sports, and solidarity. For these reasons this project is supported by QGEP.

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