Environment and Society

The activities of QGEP are based on ethics, good practices in corporate governance, and respect for the environment, with an emphasis on contributing to the development of communities in the surrounding areas where it operates. The Company is committed to working in a transparent, responsible, and safe manner; prioritizing the safety of partners, communities, and operations as priority.

The Company invests in socio-environmental projects in the blocks in which it operates, and management actively seeks to minimize the impact of operations. In addition to seeking operational excellence and profitability in its activities, QGEP is committed to operational safety and to local communities, with particular emphasis on human rights and the preservation of natural resources. Therefore, environmental impact management, mitigating and compensating measures, socio-environmental projects, and the relationship channels to its many stakeholders is done in an integrated and systemic manner in order to ensure that the Company generates value for all of its stakeholders while also achieving satisfactory economic results.

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