Queiroz Galvão Group

Tradition and credibility are part of the history of the Queiroz Galvão Group, founded in 1953 that successfully operates in the areas of infrastructure, construction, road building, energy, real estate enterprises, as well as in the agricultural and steel industries.

The group is active in several steps of the productive chain of the Oil & Gas sector. Queiroz Galvão Exploration and Production is the company dedicated to oil & gas production and prospecting, while Queiroz Galvão Oil & Gas (QGOG) specializes in drilling and production services and has made increasingly higher achievements in its market in the last years. Queiroz Galvão Naval, where the group’s shipyards are housed has met enormous challenges in naval construction and exploration platform setup needed for the discovery and transport of crude oil. Making up the links of this production chain, the Queiroz Galvão Construction Company develops great projects in support installations capable of receiving, processing, and stocking fuels.

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