QGEP’s by-laws oblige the Company to distribute dividends of at least 0.001% of the Company’s adjusted net income at every financial year, as calculated in accordance with the amended Article 202 of the Brazilian Law 6.404, of December 15th, 1976, as it has been altered. Additionally, on March 12, 2015, the Board of Directors of QGEP approved the adoption a Dividend Policy over and above the mandatory minimum provided for in the Articles of Incorporation. The Board of Directors will submit the proposal of the payment of a dividend per share of R$0.15 to the Shareholders Annual Meeting. Such amount includes the mandatory minimum dividend.


The table below shows the history of QGEP dividends:


Payment Type  Base Year  Approval Date  Payment Date  Total Amount (R$)  Value per Share (R$/Share) 
Dividends 2015 12/04/2016 28/04/2016 38,677,840.95 0.150000
Dividends 2014 17/04/2015 05/05/2015 38,677,840.95 0.150000
Dividends 2013 04/16/2014 05/05/2014 40,000,000.00 0.150485
Dividends 2012 04/19/2013 04/30/2013           783.45 0.000003
Dividends 2011 04/16/2012 04/27/2012           875.00 0.000003
Dividends 2010 04/29/2011 05/10/2011     106,335.77 0.000400


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