Camarão Norte Field

The Camarão Norte Field, located in the shallow waters of Camamu-Almada Bay south of the Manati Field, was declared commercial in 2009. The Consortium is in ongoing unitization negotiations, since the producing reserves are shared with Manati Field.  QGEP holds a 45% participating interest in this field, which, like the Manati Field, originates from the BCAM-40 Block. The gas production of Camarão Norte must be accessed using the Manati Field’s operating infrastructure. This will involve drilling a well  south of the Manati Field, and the interconnection with the Manati Field’s platform. 

The recoverable volumes, estimated at , are classified as 3C contingent resources by Gaffney, Cline & Associate – GCA. After the unitization process, the consortium plans to begin developing the field after the natural decline of the Manati field, predicted to begin in 2017/2018.

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