Notices and Material Facts

Notices to the Market

2018-03-07T00:45:00 Manati Annual Statement of Reserves Add to downloads cart
2018-02-02T18:13:00 QGEP provides an update on the payments schedule for sale of its Interest in Block BM-S-8 Add to downloads cart
2018-01-08T18:19:00 QGEP reports on arrival of FPSO Petrojarl I at the Atlanta Field Add to downloads cart

Material Facts

2018-05-24T19:35:00 QGEP announces updated estimated production for the Atlanta Field Add to downloads cart
2018-05-03T08:54:00 QGEP Announces First Oil from the Atlanta Field in the Santos Basin Add to downloads cart
2018-03-29T18:17:00 QGEP expands its presence in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin with the acquisition of stake in two blocks in the 15th ANP Bidding Round Add to downloads cart
2018-03-07T00:43:00 QGEP releases latest projections for the Manati Field Add to downloads cart

Notices to Shareholders

2018-04-18T18:54:00 Rectification of the amount of dividends per share Add to downloads cart
2018-04-11T16:06:00 Notice to Shareholders - QGEP Announces Dividend Distribution Add to downloads cart

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