Notice to the Market - Reduction in Ownership

Rio de Janeiro, June 2nd, 2014 - QGEP Participações S.A. ("QGEP", "Company", BM&FBovespa: QGEP3), pursuant to article 12 of CVM Rule 358/2002, hereby announces that has received a letter from Capital Group International, Inc. ("Capital"), informing that its managed participation in common shares issued by the Company reduced from 13,319,400 to 13,185,800, which represents a reduction in ownership of this class of share from 5.01% to 4.96%.

According to information provided by Capital, the aforementioned change in Capital’s stake does not modify the control of QGEP or its administrative structure. Enclosed herewith is the Notice sent by Capital.

For additional information, please contact the Company’s Investor Relations team:

Phone: 55 21 3509-5959

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