Brazil’s oil production reaches an all-time in 2011

The Brazilian National Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuel Agency (ANP) announced today that Brazil’s oil production reached an all-time high in 2011, with 768 million barrels of oil and 24 billion cubic meters of natural gas, representing a total of 919 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) with an average daily outflow of 2.52 MMboe/d (million boe per day).

According to ANP there were increases of 2.5% in oil production and 4.9% in natural gas production compared to 2010, when the average daily outflow was around 2.45 Mmboe/d. In the last ten years (2002-2011) oil production grew by 45% and natural gas production increased by 55%.

Also according to ANP, there was a decrease of close to 27% in the burning of natural gas compared in 2011 to 2010, allowing the country to make the best possible use of this resource - around 92.7% of all the natural gas produced in the country was used, the agency announced. There was a year-on-year reduction of close to 23% in natural gas burning, and of approximately 11% month-on-month.

According to ANP, out of the total natural gas burned, 84.7% originates from fields currently in the production stage, and the remaining 15.3% from long-term tests in the exploration stage. Taking only the Concessions in the production stage into account, 93.9% of natural gas was used in December 2011, according to the Production Bulletin.

Monthly records

ANP also announced that in December new monthly records were achieved in the Brazilian production of oil and natural gas, which came to around 2.214 MMbbl/d (million barrels a day) and 71 MMm3/d (million cubic meters a day), respectively, for a total of approximately 2.663 Mmboe/d.

This record oil production represents increases of around 1.6% year on year and 1.2% month on month.

The natural gas production, in turn, grew by 3.1% year on year and 5.1% month on month, according to the agency.

In December 2011, the overall national production came from 306 concessions operated by 25 different companies. Out of the 306 concessions, nine are currently in the exploration stage and produced through Long-Term Tests, and another ten belong to auctioned fields containing marginal accumulations.

The December pre-salt production stood at 167.5 Mbbl/d of oil and 5.3 MMm3/d of natural gas, totaling 200.6 Mboe/d, a 6.3% month-on-month increase. Out of the nine producing wells with pre-salt reservoirs, eight are among the 30 wells with the largest overall production in barrels of oil equivalent. The overall Brazilian oil and gas production came from 9,043 wells, and around 91.2% originated from fields operated by Petrobras.

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