QGEP announces new pre-salt discovery

Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção confirms the new accumulation of good quality oil in Block BM-S-8, in ultra deep waters in the pre-salt of the Santos Basin. QGEP holds a 10% participating interest in this block, in partnership with Petrobras (66%), the operator of the block, Petrogal Brasil (14%) and Barra Energia (10%).

The discovery was found during drilling at Carcará, the third well drilled in the area of the Discovery Assessment Plan at Bem-te-vi, 232 km off the coast of the state of São Paulo. Sampling confirmed the presence of oil of approximately 31 degrees API in reservoirs at a depth of 5,750 meters. Carcará is 20 km from the discovery well, Bem-te-vi, which is located at a water depth of 2,027 meters.

The well is still being drilled, with the aim of determining the lower limit of the reservoirs and identifying other possible zones of interest. The Consortium will proceed with the activities and investments necessary to continue the Discovery Assessment Plan at Bem-te-vi, already approved by the Brazilian National Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP).

"The presence of good quality oil in the Carcará prospect, whilst drilling in pre-salt sediment, reiterates the drilling potential at Block BM-S-8", states Lincoln Guardado, Exploration Director.

The light crude oil, when refined, allows for the production of greater amounts of gasoline, LPG, diesel and jet fuel, more valuable oil products.

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