QGEP Sponsors National Forum

Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção is one of the sponsors of the XXIV National Forum, organized by the National Institute of Advanced Studies (INAE), which will take place at the headquarters of the Beazilian Development Bank (BNDES) between May 14 and 17. As it did last year, the Company believes that the dialogue generated by the meeting will help pave the way for the country’s development.

The National Forum is an association of around one hundred of Brazil’s leading economists, sociologists and political scientists, which was founded in 1988 with the aim of putting forward concrete proposals for modernizing Brazilian society. In 1991, it was formally recognized and became a permanent fixture through the creation of the National Institute of Higher Studies - INAE, a non-profit-making organization.

The association represents civil society in an independent and apolitical manner, and along pluralist lines. Its purpose is to contribute to dialogue between national leaders, from both public and private sectors (Executive Power, Congress, the Judiciary, business, union, academic, confessional and community organizations, as well as individuals with prestige and influence). It seeks to guide this dialogue towards paths that achieve development on many fronts for Brazil: economic, social, political and cultural, and is geared to the appropriate decision-making process.

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