QGEP participates in Rio+20

Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção - sponsor of the Portinari - Arte e meio ambiente (Portinari - Art and Environment) project has moved the exhibition, inaugurated in 2011 in Bahia, to the Rio +20 Conference.

From June 13 to 22, 28 digital high-quality replicas of works by the Brazilian artist Candido Portinari will be on show free of charge at Armazém da Popularização - Warehouse 4 of the Port.

Art workshops will also be held to reinforce the need to care for the environment.

Portinari - Arte e Meio Ambiente features Brazilian landscapes, flora, fauna, harvests and people in an exhibition that, in addition to showcasing the artist‘s work, intends to move and engage visitors, raising their awareness of the importance of changing the world where we live.

For further information on the event, access www.popciencia.org.br.

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