QGEP: Success among the public at Rio +20

Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção marked its presence at Rio+20 with its ‘Portinari: Art and Environment’ project. Nearly 60 thousand people visited the project on display at ‘Armazém da Popularização’ at the port quay. The exhibition was honored by the presence of Ministers, Miriam Belchior of Planning, and Marco Antônio Raupp of Science and Technology, the grandchildren of the indigenous chief Raoni, a group of trash collectors from Itaguaí and over 11 thousand students from all over the state.

The exhibition was quite a success - 7,500 activity booklets were distributed to kids aged 4 through 10, 3,000 memory games were distributed to children and teens, and 300 educational booklets were distributed to teachers of public schools.

According to Suely Avelar, the project coordinator, "This was a unique opportunity! Showcasing the Portinari Art and Environment project at Rio+20 was fantastic as all the work that went into the project was based on the harmonious interaction between man and his home: planet Earth. Through Portinari’s art, we took the message of sustainability discussed at Rio+20."

QGEP, which sponsors the Portinari Art and Environment project, launched in Bahia state in 2011, plans to take it to the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro in 2012.

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