Viva Vôlei Centers celebrate St. John’s festivities

Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção continues its June festivities at the Viva Vôlei project centers. In July, around 70 children and their families from the Campinhos community in the south of Bahia will dance the dança de quadrilha and savor the delicacies typical of the season.

The first celebration was held last month at the Canavieiras center, where nearly 80 students from the project, their families and guests dressed up in traditional attire for the celebrations.

According to Boaventura Freire, a.k.a. Boinha, one of the teachers of the Viva Vôlei project, these gatherings promote personal and social development in the region. “Notable among the project’s results are self-esteem, mutual respect and appreciation of citizenship values. Of course, the project also serves as a leisure option that few had the opportunity to experience before”, he points out.

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