QGEP wishes to participate in future auctions of the Brazilian Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)

Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção is interested in participating in the upcoming auctions announced by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Edison Lobão. The 11th round is scheduled for 2013 and the company has been keeping an eye on the next bidding processes.

According to QGEP‘s Chief Production Officer, Danilo Oliveira, the company is interested in blocks put out to bid, regardless of their location in the post- or pre-salt discoveries. "All oil companies are interested; they are all eagerly awaiting the announcement of the ANP auctions because the oil industry operates primarily in the exploratory phase, which is almost finished in Brazil, so the announcement of the first auction for the pre-salt discoveries is even more exciting," declared Oliveira.

The executive officer also said that, considering the government has not held any auctions in the past four years and that most companies‘ exploratory campaigns will be finalized in the coming years, the competition will be even fiercer. "In additional to the regions which will be tendered in the equatorial margin, the pre-salt discovery areas will also be very attractive."

Currently, QGEP‘s portfolio is composed of assets at the Camamu and Camamu-Almada Basins, in Bahia, and at the Santos Basin, in the Premium area of the Brazilian pre-salt discoveries, where it is the Operator in one of the blocks (BS-4).

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