"Viva Vôlei" Centers participate in tourney at Bahia

September was a busy month for students of the Viva Vôlei Project at the Canavieiras and Campinhos centers in southern Bahia, both sponsored by Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção. They participated at the fifth Bahia Public School Students Games (JERP/2012).

Professors Karina Melo and Boinha Freire pointed out, on separate occasions, that the event was an excellent opportunity for the kids to put into practice the basics they learned in the classroom. "It was real competition with kids from other schools", said Karina.

For Boinha Freira, participating in the tourney was the source of immense joy. "We stimulate our kids and youth who, over the past several months, have made significant advances in the learning process. We expect to do much more!" she affirmed.

In the men and women‘s volleyball tourney, in category B, which includes students aged between 12 and 14, the group represented the following schools: Escola Estadual 15 de Outubro, Grupo Escolar Noécia V. Cavalcante, Colégio Modelo Luís Eduardo Magalhães and Colégio Estadual Osmário Batista.

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