QGEP begins the Internal Accident Prevention Week

Between October 22nd and 26th, Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção is holding its 2nd Internal Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT). The event addresses topics such as defensive driving (including a simulator), ethical conduct and integrity in business relations, corporate management sustainability, prevention against STDs (including Aids) and basic first aid lectures.

Renowned speakers such as professors Celso Lemme (COPPEAD) and Cid Alledi (UFRJ) have been invited and will disclose key information related to sustainability and business ethics.

During the SIPAT, fruits will be available to the employees, encouraging them to develop healthy eating habits.

According to QHSE Manager Maria Eduarda Pessoa, SIPAT is important not only because it is an attribution of the Internal Accident Prevention Comission (CIPA), according to the Regulatory Norm (NR-5) of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, but because it is an opportunity to raise the employees‘ awareness regarding occupational accidents and illnesses prevention, and to discuss topics that are essential to their daily activities.

Until the end of the week, shiatsu and workplace gymnastics sessions will also be held at the company‘s office.

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