Portinari for all

Sponsored by QGEP, with innovative interface and content fully accessible to the public, the new portal features all works of Candido Portinari.

Facilitate the access to the works of Candido Portinari is the main proposal of the new portal of the Portinari project (www.portinari.org.br), available as of today, February 21. The result of more than 30 years of research and thorough cataloging of the painter’s works, life and epoch, the Portinari Portal adds to this complex content, now fully available through the Internet, an innovative interface, which uses the technologies available today to propose an easier and fun browsing experience for the public in general.

According to Professor João Candido Portinari, Founder and General Manager of the Portinari Project, more than 95% of the painter’s works are inaccessible to the public because they belong to private collections. "I’ve always dreamed of making available these works to the largest possible number of people". The works of Portinari carries ethical messages and human values that promote peace, depicts life, soul and the Brazilian people. In the beginning, 33 years ago, there was no technology for that. But new tools have allowed us to bring this content into people’s lap. We decided to call this project ‘Portinari for all’.

"On the new portal, all users - children, teenagers, students, researchers, curious people and art lovers - will be able to browse without any difficulties," said Professor João Candido. The new portal provides direct access to the entire collection of the Portinari Project, a complex database with approximately 30 thousand related items, including works, letters, pictures, journals, testimonials, which concern not only Portinari but also his contemporaries Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Oscar Niemeyer, Lúcio Costa, Luís Carlos Prestes, Afonso Arinos, etc.

The supporting institution of the Portinari Project, Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção feels honored to participate as sponsor of the development of this portal. According to Lincoln Rumenos Guardado, CEO of QGEP, education is one of the Company’s priorities. "We are proud to have participated in the creation of this portal, which brings the works of Portinari to an even greater audience. This website is a pioneering and innovative project that makes culture and education more accessible to youths. We could not turn down this initiative, since education is one of our main goals," he said.

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