QGEP attends financial management event

On April 11, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer Paula Costa Côrte-Real represented Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção at an event held for the launch of the publication "Valor Especial Gestão Financeira", sponsored by Deloitte and Valor Econômico, in São Paulo

Taking part in the panel entitled "How to navigate the routes of capital - From fundraising to investment plans", Paula Costa Côrte-Real spoke about financial market funding, alongside other financial executives.

It was an important opportunity for Corte-Real to share with those present the rewards that QGEP has reaped since its IPO. "Carrying out the IPO was very important for Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção, because it opened a new avenue of opportunities for raising funds on the market. The company remains highly capitalized, not only as a result of the IPO, but also through the management of our operating cash flow. This allows us to participate in important projects as we seek to expand our portfolio, through the acquisition of new assets and participation in the ANP bidding rounds."

The event, which had over 400 people in attendance, was held to call attention to main challenges and the importance of financial officers and executives in the new global economic scenario. The finance area of organizations has now become a veritable headquarters of strategic information, with the chief financial officer at the center of these changes, acting as a catalyst, driver, organizer and strategist.

The event also pointed to evidence of the new role of financial executives in light of the changes in the cost of doing business in Brazil, the impacts of the global economy, as well as issues such as the longevity of products and organizational changes related to talent and technology, together with a broad overview of the challenges and opportunities, and the perspectives and responsibilities, of these professionals.

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