‘Art and the Environment’ exhibition closes in fine style in São Francisco de Itabapoana

The Portinari Project exhibition ‘Art and the Environment’ in the Gargaú district of São Francisco de Itabapoana, was brought to a close in fine style last Monday, July 8. Around 200 people took part in the festivities at the Barracão cultural center, which hosted the exhibition and the art workshops, to celebrate the work carried out here over the last 15 days.

The farewell party included a presentation of jongo (traditional Afro-Brazilian song and dance) by the remaining members of the Deserto Feliz quilombo (community founded by runaway slaves), a show by Boi Pernambuco and a dance presentation by the Mana Chica group, all manifestations of local culture.

For the Barracão’s administrator, Jean Marcos Barbosa, the exhibition brought only advantages. "We are a population with strong rural historical roots and, although this was our first contact with Portinari, we identified with him right away. This space, which has been here for many decades, used to be used for agricultural commerce; now we are proud to use it to bring culture to our district, especially our children."

São Francisco de Itabapoana Education and Culture Secretary, Kátia Santos, praised the initiative of providing an opportunity for local children to interact with the art of Portinari. "Queiroz Galvão and the Portinari Project are to be congratulated for the ‘Art and the Environment’ exhibition, which encouraged the exchange of knowledge. The scope of the project went well beyond the art itself, as witnessed by the fact that each monitored group visit was treated as part of a wider cultural learning experience that benefited our children," she declared.

Present in the Gargaú district since June 24, ‘Art and the Environment’ was visited by around 1300 people, including students from 32 schools. Fifty-four kits with project learning materials were distributed and 47 professors were trained to use the materials in their classes.

One of the volunteer monitors, Heloísa Palmeira (24), said that taking part in the project had helped her development. "In addition to learning about Portinari, his painting techniques and the schools he belonged to, such as cubism, I also learned a little of what it is like to deal with people and, especially, of how to treat children. For me, it was a very enriching experience", she explained.

QGEP has been sponsoring the Portinari project since 2010. In 2011, the traveling exhibition ‘Art and the Environment’ opened in the South of Bahia. In 2012, it went to the Rio+20 event, remaining in Rio de Janeiro until December. This year, it has already been to Bom Jesus de Itabapoana, Maricá and Recife and is scheduled to visit Macaé, Arraial do Cabo, Paraty, Cabo Frio, Farol de São Tomé and São João da Barra.

In addition to showing Portinari’s work, the exhibition, comprising landscapes, Brazilian flora and fauna, harvest materials and Brazilians themselves, was designed to involve the visitors emotionally and mobilize them though art.

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