QGEP participates in fire drill

Focusing on safety, both in its operations and offices, Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção took part in the fire drill of the Linneo de Paula Machado building for the second year in a row. The exercise was held during business hours on July 18 in order to prepare everyone for eventual emergencies.

QGEP‘s Emergency Brigade managed to help all employees arrive at the meeting point 14 minutes after the beginning of the exercise. The Company currently occupies three of the more than 30 floors of this commercial building.

Twenty-three minutes after the bell rang, the almost 4,000 people who were in the building concluded the full evacuation of the space, faster than the 30 minutes established by the building‘s administration.

For the HSE coordinator and member of the Emergency Brigade, Fernando Bastos, there was substantial progress in the exercise. "More companies have joined the drill, which prepares us for a real event. We have also improved our response time, were more organized during our descent and arrival at the meeting point, in addition to having met the established goals

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