Arraial do Cabo receives “Art and the Environment” exhibition with a party

The traveling "Art and the Environment" exhibition, sponsored by Queiroz Galvão Exploração e Produção in association with the Portinari Project, has arrived at the Manoel Camargo Cultural Center in Arraial do Cabo, the fifth city in Rio de Janeiro to host the exhibition in 2013, where it will remain until August 17.
The exhibition opened on Thursday August 8, with a reception organized by the Municipal Cultural Department, which was attended by around 60 people including local officials, members of the press, representatives of municipal schools and members of the local community. But it was only on the following day that the children arrived for their encounter with Portinari’s work.

According to the head of the cultural department, Fernando Rezende, 800 children from local schools aged between six and 12 are expected. For him, the great attraction of the project is the link between art and education. "The exhibition is extremely beautiful and we in Arraial do Cabo are honored to receive the works of this great Brazilian painter. But even more important is the concept of education through art which will be presented to our teachers." he declared.
Rezende went on to say that around 30 teachers from eight local schools would receive training during the exhibition’s stay in the city. "We are prioritizing schools with students in their fifth and sixth years as we believe there is a particular need in this age group to reinforce activities that increase the students’ environmental knowledge."

For the head of the Portinari Project, Suely Avellar, who is accompanying the exhibition on its travels, it was particularly gratifying to discover from the education departments of the cities already visited, that "Portinari is the most studied Brazilian artist in the schools, thanks to this project."
In 2013 to date, "Art and the Environment" has already been to Duque de Caxias, Bom Jesus de Itabapoana, Maricá and São Francisco de Itabapoana, training 128 public school teachers and receiving more than ten thousand visitors. It is also scheduled to visit Macaé, Paraty, Cabo Frio, Farol de São Tomé and São João da Barra by year-end.

QGEP has been sponsoring the project since 2011, when the traveling exhibition made its first stop in the south of Bahia. In 2012, it went to the Rio+20 event and remained in Rio de Janeiro until December.

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