QGEP sponsors book on the Atlantic Forest

The Atlantic Forest, one of the world’s richest rain forests in terms of biodiversity, is the theme of the first project sponsored by QGEP’s subsidiary Manati S.A. through the Cultural Incentive Law.

Conceived and produced by the BioAtlântica Institute, one of the agents of the Atlantic Forest’s recovery in recent years, the work portrays all the facets of Atlantic Brazil, with contributions from specialists and scholars on the subject, and pictures by Enrico Marone. Other famous names such as theologian Leonardo Boff, and Eliezer Batista, engineer and former CEO of Vale, have also participated in the project.

The book, which combines art with environmental education, raises important questions on sustainable development - the greatest challenge facing Brazilian companies. It underlines QGEP’s pioneering nature, which began its history by adopting a policy of transparent, safe and responsible operations.

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